Wakes Cakes

Wakes Cakes

Wakes cakes are a specialty of northern England and in particular the mill towns that where at the heart of the cotton industry. The odd thing is they're biscuits, not ‘cakes’. Biscuits with a very unusual but pleasant hit of liquorice flavour from the caraway seeds. In some places they would also … [Read more...]

Plum Chutney

Opal Plums

Noisy, chaotic, scruffy and yet irresistible. I love street markets. Rows of stalls selling everything from herrings to hummus. I can't help but come away with a bulging shopping bag and a head full of recipes. Thursday is market day on the 'Wilhelminaplantsoen' in the centre of Bussum. I've just … [Read more...]

For the love of pie

Apple and Blackberry pie

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder, especially when it comes to pie. Just like Dennis's pal Pie Face from the British comic the 'Beano', I'm mad about pie, and in particular meat pie. There are few things I enjoy more than tucking into a freshly baked steak pie. My mouth is watering just … [Read more...]

A taste of summer: Elderflower Cordial

The elder flowers are in bloom, it took a while but the large creamy-white blossoms are ripe for the picking. For the past few weeks I've been passing by, looking in anticipation at the large bushes near my home, waiting for the right moment. The moment when I could harvest these wonderfully … [Read more...]

A ‘proper’ cup of tea

Tea cup

The hustle and bustle of modern living, has taken its toll on the niceties of daily life. Such as making a proper cup of tea, brewed in a teapot. Instead of tossing a tea bag into a mug of hot water, and giving it a stir. A good cup of tea is neither difficult nor time consuming to make. However, … [Read more...]