For the love of pie

Apple and Blackberry pie

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder, especially when it comes to pie. Just like Dennis's pal Pie Face from the British comic the 'Beano', I'm mad about pie, and in particular meat pie. There are few things I enjoy more than tucking into a freshly baked steak pie. My mouth is watering just … [Read more...]

Off topic and off to France…


"Where's the food?" I hear you say, "isn't this blog about cooking?". And you'd be quite right. This post, I'm afraid to say, is somewhat off topic. Not a recipe to be found. Instead I'd like to share with you a little corner of France that is my home for the next week or so.  I've been coming to … [Read more...]

The “tastiest” museum in Holland

Last weekend, on a bright but cold spring afternoon, my family and I visited the historic town of Medemblik. A forty minute drive from Amsterdam, this mediaeval harbour town is situated on the IJsselmeer, originally part of the North Sea. Medemblik is home to, amongst other attractions, the baker's … [Read more...]