Shortcrust pastry: a taste of home

Shortcrust pastry

Nothing quite reminds me of home as much as the taste of shortcrust pastry. The crumbly, melt in the mouth texture never fails to make me nostalgic: memories of brightly colored jam tarts and pies filled with home grown fruit. Childhood favourites, baked by my Mother and on occasions my Grandmother. … [Read more...]

A healthy alternative: Apple and blueberry bread

If, like me, you are partial to a slice or two of homemade cake, you may well appreciate my predicament. A burgeoning waistline has given me cause to consider the unthinkable - giving up cake. This unpleasant prospect got me thinking. What if I could bake a healthier cake? A cake every bit as … [Read more...]

A ‘proper’ cup of tea

Tea cup

The hustle and bustle of modern living, has taken its toll on the niceties of daily life. Such as making a proper cup of tea, brewed in a teapot. Instead of tossing a tea bag into a mug of hot water, and giving it a stir. A good cup of tea is neither difficult nor time consuming to make. However, … [Read more...]

A pudding for Christmas

How does that saying go? 'The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry'. This year I had planned to make a homemade Christmas pudding. Not just any pudding, my ideal pudding, a pudding with all my favourite festive flavours. I was going to take some appealing photographs and share the whole … [Read more...]

Baking: “An affair of the heart”

The other day while sorting through my not inconsiderable collection of recipe books, I rediscovered an old but treasured book on baking. Even though I've never baked a single recipe from within it’s pages, this book, more than any other holds great significance for me. The book entitled … [Read more...]

Potato and Celery Soup, with Catalan sausage

Looking out of the kitchen window, onto my snow covered garden, has turned my thoughts towards warming winter soups. This evening I'm going skating with my wife and daughters. So a pan of hearty potato soup would be the perfect end to what promises to be a wonderful evening. For this soup I'm … [Read more...]

Lets hear it for radio…

Now, I enjoy watching a good cookery show on TV as much as the next man, or that is I used to. It seems to me that hardly a day goes by without yet another food program hitting our screens: from 'Cake Boss' and 'Master Chef' to 'Gordon behind bars'. It’s easy to see why television producers are … [Read more...]

Recipe for Fruit Scones

Baking scones has become as much of a habit for me as drinking tea, and when you consider my English background you'll understand the significance of that statement. Hardly a weekend goes by without me turning out a batch. Eat warm from the oven, spread thickly with salted butter and wash down with … [Read more...]

The Perfect Scone

The scone is probably one of the simplest cakes you can bake and yet there seems to be no end of variation in the recipes and techniques for making them. From overly fancy to the just plain strange - who would of thought of using fizzy lemonade? When all is said and done a scone stands or falls … [Read more...]