Welcome to My Foodtopia

Iain Davenport food blogger
Many thanks to my niece Sabine for taking the time to photograph her uncle.

My Foodtopia is a celebration of home cooking and in particular the simple but irresistibly tasty British cooking, that I grew up on. Everything from hearty pies and warming soups to comforting deserts, but especially the desserts.

It doesn’t get much better than tucking into a homemade pudding covered in warm, creamy vanilla custard. From Jam Roly Poly to Spotted Dick I’m a fan. What ever your taste, whether it’s desserts or main courses, I hope this blog will encourage you to get cooking.

What follows is a chronicle of my cooking adventures, food passions, interests and of course my favorite recipes: some of which are mine and others have been begged, stolen or borrowed from books, friends and family.

It’s great to know you’re out there and your comments, ideas and suggestions are always welcome. If you try any of the recipes please let me know what worked and what didn’t.
You can get in touch either by posting a reaction or mailing me using the form below.

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  1. You have a lovely blog with lovely recipes and photos. I would definitely try a few things from here. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for leaving me a note, I really appreciate the kind gesture. I look forward to seeing more of your posts. Best wishes!

  2. I have followed your blog too, because I love the products here, maybe you should start posting more frequently? I would love that. Enjoy your day!

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